Foreword is a creative content & strategic marketing firm located in the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota. We are for people, good food, & a more beautiful city for everyone.


We make stuff and then show people,
using these tools.

I wonder what happens if you click on the icons...

Product Design

Soda Cans, T-Shirts, Magazines...we do (and have done) it all.

Video Marketing

Making a beauiful video for you company is half the battle. Video marketing helps you win the battle by getting your content in front of the people you created the content for in the first place.

Paid Social

Those ads interrupting the video of a dude jumping off a roof can be annoying, we get it. We also know people really want to see how the jump goes, so these ads are pretty effective.

PPC/ Paid Search

The express route to temporarily topping search results and sending potential clients to your beautifully designed landing page.

Social Media Marketing

It's tough to be a consistent presence on social media, but it can actually be very important to your success. You don't have the time to do it, so we do it for you.

Search Engine Optimization

This here is the long game. We look at search queries people make and build page authority over time.


Need a more unique drawn element? We got a guy.


Your brand has a voice. We use it well to create the textual elements where you need them. Not to be confused with ©. Very different.

Video Production

Video can be very helpful in communicating a brand vision. We do them very well with very cool gear.


We've got cameras, you need images.

Web Design

From idea, to wire-frame, to functioning website. We can build it, if you come.

Print Design

Menus, bottle labels, album designs. These are all random things we have the ability to design.

Creative Consult

Full access to our brains as we work intesively towards solving creative obstacles you might be facing.

Brand Voice

We think a good brand is a human one. Clarifying your unique voice is a big piece of that puzzle.


Be it a new company or a ten-year refresh, we want to help discover who you truly are. Name is the starting point for that endeavor.

Bobby Lauritson


Dane Pedersen

Photo & Video

Chris Rausch

Relationships & Strategy

Alec Gilbertson


Lisa Schoofs

Web Development

Nicolas Eggert