If you specialize in studio-driven, tethered shooting, and you're not already using Capture One, I would seriously recommend you trial it and have a little more fun in life.

For as long as we've edited photographic imagery, we've settled in programs like Aperture (RIP) and Lightroom. For the most part, the power they've provided has been more than sufficient. However, there's been a few projects we've worked on recently that required a tethering solution. Lightroom has the capability to tether, but every time we tried it was riddled with disconnections, was VERY slow to transfer, and all around a frustrating experience.

We decided to take advantage of sale on Capture One as an opportunity to give it a full on college-try. And boy, does it do tethering better justice than Lightroom. Honestly, I think everyone has been saying this already, but I never fully grasped how much of a difference a program could have on the speed of transfer alone. C1 is quick. So quick, I have trouble believing it's transferring over a USB 2.0 cable. Not only that, it connects just by plugging in. And like that, you're ready to shoot. Within LR, there's a frustrating few steps to begin a tethered capture, and if it gets interrupted during a shoot, it's not fun to try and reset - there are more important things to be thinking about in those moments.

Perhaps the best feature is their mobile app. it essentially turns any device you download the app to as a review option. It's free, and connects to a temp server you create in the desktop program. When we did a short headshot session recently, we had two iPads connected to the server. One was facing the client getting the headsets. This allowed them to say in the moment how they felt about the shot, and allowed them to change their smile/posture accordingly. The other iPad was next to me as I shot. It allowed for an easy way for me to check my focus. And again, it's quick. So quick in fact, it has loaded to C1 and pushed the image to two iPads before Lightroom would have loaded the image. It's sort of magical, and I can only imagnine more far-reaching uses for such a tool in other shooting scenarios.

Disclaimer: it has terrible reviews, and I'm not sure why for how I use it. We didn't pay for the extra capability availability.

All of that said, we still have access to Lightroom through our Adobe subscription, and I'm proficient there for large-batch editing. We didn't have to choose one or the other. But if you specialize in studio-driven, tethered shooting and you're not already using Capture One, I would seriously recommend you trial it and have a little more fun in life.

Gear We Used for Our Tethered Setup

editing software
capture one 12
xf 56mm 1.2

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